General Tips

OneDrive - Saving on MacOS


Using OneDrive at TWC allows you to save your work online. You are allocated 1TB (1000GB) of online storage for free. Using OneDrive is essential as it prevents work from being lost and creates previous versions of your Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).

OneDrive in MacOS has built-in features to allow you to save your work and documents.


Saving through Office Apps

1. Either click the save button on a new document or click 'File' and then 'Save As'.

Note: If the following window pops up at the top of your screen click the Online Locations button.


2. Then the click the 'OneDrive' option down the left-hand side of the pop-up window and choose the folder you are saving it to.


Note: If you decide to go back and save straight to your Mac documents (locally on your Mac), click the 'On My Mac' button.


For more information about OneDrive and Foldr, see our other articles on the TWC Portal Page:

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